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Hello I am the owner and CEO photographer of Boudoir By Oksana. I run a beautiful studio located in Anchorage Alaska. I am a mama of two small kiddos, a wife, a creator and visionary. My mission is to inspire more women, to show them how truly beautiful they are.
I am an award winning photographer, have over 10 years of experience photographing events, portraits but my true passion has always been photographing women.
As woman myself, I struggled through live with body image and self love until I experienced my own healing and since then it became one of my goals to help other women feel more confident in their body, practice more self love,
 I absolutely love seeing the impact I am able to create, the joy I am able to bring women from all walks of life,  uplift and see how much more confident those women become after their Boudoir session.
 I work with a team of amazing women and most talented hair and make up artists that are ready to start your transformation.
Few more fun facts about my background:
I was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. Photography has always been a part of my life as long as I remember myself, encouraged by my dad at the early age by taking film camera to school field trips and developing film in make shift dark room- bathroom.
 My photographic style has been shaped by European arts and culture and my dancing experience. I was always that kid at school and college with the camera documenting adventures, travels and people. After graduating my masters degree, I worked in advertising then local newspaper as a photographer/multimedia editor. I have been always drawn to photographing people, raw emotions.
 When I moved to Alaska in 2009 I took a pause in photography as a profession though I felt like I was just getting started. Living in Alaska mainly took scenic shots and wildlife and only after my first child was born in 2017 I picked up my camera again to document those baby moments. 
This passion and photography business has been very fulfilling, healing and so good for the soul that I don’t imagine doing anything else!
With every portrait session I grow as a human and as an artist✨
When I don’t photograph I love spending time with my little kiddos and husband who is my biggest fan and support!we love adventuring in the mountains, foraging in the woods, traveling together .
I love starting the day with body movement, and coffee - soy lattes are my fav.
During photoshoots I can’t go without good music!
one more fun fact: When I came to Alaska I used to work as a server, deckhand on fishing charter boat, got my captain’s license, traveled all the way to Attu island by ship as crew, which is the very tip of Aleutian chain. 


Who is My Client?

She is a modern woman, a lover of life and all beautiful things that nourishes and enriches her soul. She is a tough Alaskan girl who loves the great outdoors that the last Frontier has to offer and is not afraid to get some dirt on her hands. She is a woman of many talents who loves to learn, adventure and travel. She is also a busy professional wearing many hats, who loves to help others. Though she is busy and sometimes she has a hard time making time for herself, but when she does, She appreciates the luxuries in life and is not afraid to pamper herself with all that she deserves.
 My client is a woman who knows who she is but has a hard time celebrating herself. She loves attention to details, feeling pampered.
 She is also a romantic at heart, the woman who loves being pampered and taken care of for much needed self love therapy.  Though my client is mostly cool and low maintenance most of her time she does have a refined taste and if she finds something that has meaning to her she will splurge on herself without batting an eye. She values quality and has high standards on things that matter to her. She is honest, funny and she fills the room with joy, great conversations and laugh. She continues to learn about who she. 
She is always on self discovery journey, self love and empowerment journey.
But most importantly, underneath all that survivor and warrior Goddess armor that she caries proudly, she is also a true modern day woman: feminine, classy, timeless, kind hearted, and simply a beautiful soul.
If any of this has resonated with you then you are truly My kind of Client and I would LOVE to work with you.
Oksana Foldager

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